6 Bad reading habits and how to improve your reading skills?



There are different types of readers, ones who read because reading has became a habit and a joy for them, others read because they are told to or they have to and others who try and aim at making reading a habit but fail because of bad reading habits. Today we will discuss bad reading habits and how to improve your reading skills.

Bad Reading Habits:

1-  To start reading a book while feeling that you have to read it, or there is a force pushing you to read this book. One must read because of the love of reading, to open a new start, to lavish yourself with the events of a romantic classic, not because you have to read.

2- Having no or poor sense of music, characters, events, sentences and imagination. Reading is not just looking at the words with your eyes and processing the sentences with your brain. Reading is feeling, you have to feel the book you read. You have to imagine the events, the place, the time. the season, the characters, what they’re wearing what they’re feeling. How is the atmosphere between the hero and his lover, you have to be able to hear the music without actually hearing it with ears. Reading is joy, you have to enjoy reading and build a fantasy of what the novel, characters, events would be in real life.

3-Having distractions! Don’t read while you’re with people who you enjoy their company. Simply because you’ll be distracted, you wouldn’t be able to focus on either your friends or your book. You have to put your full attention and commitment in the book you’re reading.

4-Taking on too many books at once is for sure a persons worst reading mistake. Because you’ll end up leaving half of these books unfinished with the overlap of the events of these books.

5-Reading the last page first. Been there, done that!
This used to be a bad reading habit of mine. You notice a book that interests and triggers you to read, but instead of opening the book and reading the first page you read the last page. This completely ruins your book! It’s like cheating on suspense!

6-Finally, as for me the worst habit would be watching the movie adaptation of the book you intend to read before you actually read the book. This is my worst nightmare! Don’t you EVER watch a movie based on a book before reading the book. Because the movie will destroy, ruin and kill the book. The book is ALWAYS better than the movie, the movie can never keep up with the book.  Moreover, the book is more beautiful than the movie, it gives you so much details, it makes you draw the events with your imagination and it answer questions the movie does not answer and books have more depth in them than movie adaptations.

How to improve your reading skills:

1-Keep yourself interested in reading. Read the ingredients list, the shampoo bottle, the warnings on a medicine prescription, this way you’ll find time to practice reading and  not giving up on it.

2-Find time to visit your local library or bookstore. This will always stimulate you to read more and gives you an edge of excitement.

3-Participate in book clubs, books websites such as Goodreads, discuss  a book you want to read with others which will make your book experience a lot better.  

4-Look at book reviews online, in magazines or newspapers.

5-After finishing a book reward yourself.

Reading is fun, it gives you a whole new perspective, and sometimes it solaces you. Enjoy books, because books are our best friends. Push yourself to read more and encourage yourself to be an intellectual part of society. Because that’s what you deserve to be.



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2 responses to “6 Bad reading habits and how to improve your reading skills?

  1. simply helpful, rich and worth reading, thanks yara for posting such a thing to enlighten us. looking forward to follow your posts and learn from you Yara. keep it up

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